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3 Ideas for a Winter Company Retreat

When planning a trip, most people are used to imagining it in spring or summer, but what about autumn and winter? As society discusses, we are divided into winter lovers and summer lovers. Does this also apply to the time when you travel?

hot air balloons in capadoccia all snowed in

The thing here is that most of the time, organizing a warm weather trip is a little bit easier. Consider something as simple as packing your luggage. When the sun hits your skin, you tend to spend more time outside - having breakfast in the garden, taking a morning walk through the city, or having a picnic in the forest and enjoying some fun outdoor activities. But when you're walking through the streets and it's freezing cold outside, you just want to step into the first store you come across.

Betreat, as a Swiss event agency specializing in corporate retreats with main themes of wellbeing and sustainability, highlights that the best time for companies to organize a retreat is in autumn or winter. But why? Sometimes the weather aligns with our feelings, and the darkness outside battles with our motivation, so this will bring a new energy within your team.

As we all know, we all need motivation, especially when it comes to our work environment. And what better way to increase this feeling than with a company retreat? In this blog, we will present three ideas for a company retreat that you can organize from October to March, when we all want to take some time away from the office.

1. Ski Retreat

a woman smiling while skiing

The most common winter retreat will always be a ski retreat. This option provides the perfect blend of team-building time, sports activities, time for wellbeing, and enjoying delicious winter food. Skiing is a full-body workout that engages the cardiovascular system, improving heart health and circulation. Additionally, skiing in nature can reduce stress, boost mood, and increase serotonin levels, providing a refreshing escape from daily routines and fostering mental wellbeing.

When thinking about skiing, some might assume it's only for pros, but it's a great sport for everyone. Each participant can receive a class based on their level, and if they don't want to ski, there are plenty of other attractions in the mountains.

The mountains that Betreat recommends in Switzerland are Andermatt, Engelberg, Flims Laax, and Villars Sur Ollon. In Andermatt, we recommend the Radisson Blu Hotel; in Engelberg, the Hotel Bellevue Terminus is one of the best options for accommodation. Additionally, a great and elegant choice is the Schweizerhof Flims LAAX, where many participants can stay and enjoy a luxurious spa. For a more modern place to stay in this area, there is the Rocks Resort in Flims LAAX. Lastly, the Villars Victoria Hotel will always be a good option for a pleasant stay in one of the most enjoyable ski resorts.

2. Experience an Ice Hotel

The reception of an ice hotel

Transun, tour operator company, defines an Ice Hotel as follows: "Ice hotels are actually enormous igloos, and as such, they work on the same principle. They're large structures made of blocks of ice, inside full of elaborate pure ice furniture, bars, saunas, and beds." The ideal stay would be to spend one night in the igloos and the other night in a regular hotel room for a more comfortable stay. The room temperature is between -5 degrees C and -8 degrees C, and the hotels provide all the necessary equipment for a pleasant stay. However, always ensure that your team is aware of the place and the activities they are going to experience.

Some activities to do include dog sledding, skiing or snowmobiling in winter, or river rafting and cycling in summer, which takes you into the vast uninhabited boreal forest. Fishing, experiencing the midnight sun, and northern lights safaris are amazing ways to experience the Arctic. Joining a class with one of our master ice sculptors is, of course, a must!

The hotels that Betreat recommends are ICEHOTEL - Jukkasjärvi in Sweden, SnowVillage - Kittilä in Finland, and Iglu-Dorf - in Switzerland, Germany, and Andorra.

3. Cabin Wellness Retreat

Plan a retreat to a cozy cabin where the main idea will be to relax, engage in team-building activities, and have some time for themselves. The ideal days here would start with morning mental health activities such as yoga, introspection, and journaling. By midday, engage in outdoor activities like winter hiking trails. In the afternoon, organize indoor team-building exercises such as cooking classes, board game tournaments, or themed costume parties. In the evening, you can have a bonfire with your team, sing some songs, and enjoy some good moments together.

A cabin in the lake of Lugano

The main idea of this retreat is to have some relaxing time, connect with your team, and connect with nature. The cabins are usually located in places surrounded by beautiful landscapes. Betreat recommends Alpine Chalet in Chamonix, France; Scandinavian Log Cabin in Lapland, Finland; and Chalet Antoine serviced Apartments by Mirabeau in Zermatt.

Betreat services

Of course, each retreat offers a different dynamic. Our advice is to ask your team about the mood they want for the company retreat, because at the end of the day, the main objective of this trip is to increase motivation and have a good time together.

If you want to know more options for a winter retreat but in a warmer area like the south of Spain, you can contact Betreat, and the team will be glad to help you with personalized requirements.

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