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The Contract


The following Terms & Conditions apply to every service provided by Betreat GmbH. By purchasing a service from Betreat GmbH, the customer signifies their acceptance of these Terms & Conditions

Terms & Conditions: Accessibility Policy




Betreat GmbH
Sihlwaldstrasse, 8 - 8135 Langnau am Albis
+41 76 213 41 61 /
Registered company number: CHE-322.848.939

Betreat Event Agency (hereinafter referred to as "Betreat GmbH") is a Swiss-based event agency providing event planning, coordination services, and training & educational programmes. By accessing the website or engaging in any way with Betreat GmbH , you agree to be bound by these terms and conditions. If you do not agree with these terms, you must immediately stop using Betreat GmbH's services.

Services & Products

2.1 Services

Betreat GmbH offers a range of event planning, coordination, and training & educational services, which may include event design, vendor selection, logistics management, and on-site event management. Betreat GmbH reserves the right to alter or discontinue the provision of its services at any time, without prior notification. The services offered by Betreat GmbH include, but are not limited to, classes, consultations, company retreats, educational programmes, gala dinners, workshops with sports and wellness activities such as yoga, reiki, deep breathing techniques, team-building activities, nutrition, hiking, and biking. The services may also be provided by third-party partners, which may include individuals and companies such as coaches & trainers, consultants, animators, caterers, hotels, and others.


Pricing & Payment

3.1 Pricing 

We express the prices in our offers, including taxes, in Swiss Francs (CHF).

The prices apply at the time of order and we allow ourselves to update prices for each new offer. 

3.2 Payment

Betreat charges fees for its services, as agreed upon in writing between Betreat and the client. Fees are due and payable in full prior to the event. If a client cancels the event, Betreat reserves the right to retain any fees already paid as compensation for services rendered and expenses incurred.

Betreat accept payments in others currencies as well as crypto-currencies. Conversions fees may apply.

Betreat offers the following payment methods: 

  • Cash payment


  • Online payment -WIX acquiring system- with Credit Card (VISA, Mastercard, American Express, Diners).

   For each payment with credit-card, the client agrees to pay 5 % financial fees.

  • Bank transfer to the following bank account in :

Betreat GmbH 

IBAN: CH22 0900 0000 1611 6641 4



  • Bank transfer to the following bank account in CHF:

Betreat GmbH 

IBAN: CH31 0900 0000 1605 5738 3



 4 Registration to our services

The registration is confirmed when your contract of services (Letter of Engagement) is signed and payment proceeded.


 5 Refunds, Cancellation & Validity

SERVICE: Company events

A binding contract shall be executed between the client and Betreat for each scheduled workshop and retreat. The modification and cancellation policies for each event shall be specified in the offer specific to the event. Should a modification or cancellation be desired, the request must be submitted to

Betreat reserves the right to impose an administrative fee of CHF 150.00 in the event of cancellation of the event.


SERVICE: Private Retreats


Retreat participants agree to attend the event on the date specified on Betreat's website. Their participation will be confirmed once Betreat has received full payment for the retreat, which is to be made in a single payment. The modification and cancellation policies for each event will be communicated in the offer specific to that event.

6 Force Majeure

"Neither party shall be liable for any failure or delay in performance under this agreement to the extent that such failure or delay is caused by circumstances beyond its reasonable control, including acts of God, fire, flood, storm, explosion, earthquake, war, terrorism, civil unrest, strikes, labor disputes, epidemics, or acts of government or governmental authority. The party claiming Force Majeure shall immediately notify the other party in writing of the occurrence of such circumstances, the expected duration thereof, and the extent to which performance of its obligations under this agreement is affected. If the Force Majeure circumstances persist for a period exceeding [insert time period], either party may terminate this agreement upon written notice to the other party."

7 Registration to our services

The client is responsible for providing Betreat with complete and accurate information about the event, including but not limited to event date, location, guest count, budget, and any special requirements. The client is also responsible for obtaining any necessary permits and meeting all legal requirements for the event.

8 Client Responsibilities

The client is responsible for providing Betreat with complete and accurate information about the event, including but not limited to event date, location, guest count, budget, and any special requirements. The client is also responsible for obtaining any necessary permits and meeting all legal requirements for the event.

9 Betreat Responsibilities

Betreat is responsible for coordinating the event in accordance with the client's specifications and within the agreed-upon budget. Betreat will use reasonable care and skill in performing its services, but makes no guarantees regarding the outcome of the event. Betreat is not responsible for any loss, damage, or injury that may occur during the event, unless caused by Betreat's negligence.

10 Confidentiality

Betreat and its employees will keep confidential all information about the client and the event, except as required by law or as necessary to perform Betreat's services.

11 Limitation of Liability

Betreat's liability to the client for any and all claims arising from its services shall be limited to the fees paid by the client for those services. In no event shall Betreat be liable for any indirect, incidental, or consequential damages, including but not limited to lost profits.

12 Termination

Either party may terminate the agreement at any time, with or without cause, by giving written notice to the other party. Upon termination, Betreat will cease providing services and the client will pay any outstanding fees.

13 Governing Law

These terms and conditions shall be governed by and construed in accordance with the laws of Switzerland. Any dispute arising from these terms and conditions shall be resolved in the courts of Switzerland.

14 Insurance

It is the responsibility of the Participants to secure appropriate accident and health insurance coverage, including coverage for sports accidents during the respective activities organized by Betreat. Cancellation insurance is also recommended. Furthermore, it is advisable for Participants to obtain personal liability insurance to cover any potential liability for material damage. Betreat does not provide insurance coverage for Participants. In the event that separate insurance coverage is required for the event, it is the responsibility of the Participants to secure such coverage. Should the Participants request Betreat to handle the insurance arrangements and include it in the services provided, the terms and conditions, as well as the associated costs, will be outlined in a separate agreement and included in the invoice. Please inform Betreat if the proposed insurance arrangements are not suitable for your event.

15 ​Health Disclaimer 

15.1 Nutrition Disclaimer 

Betreat shall create its events based on the information supplied by the client through the completion and submission of its questionnaire. The client acknowledges and agrees that any inaccuracies or incompleteness in the information provided shall not be the responsibility of Betreat. The client further acknowledges that Betreat may collaborate with third-party restaurants and caterers in delivering its services

15.2 Medical Disclaimer

It is understood that the services and programs offered by Betreat are not intended for medical purposes and do not serve as a cure, prevention, diagnosis, alleviation, or treatment of any medical conditions, diseases, physical or mental ailment.

15.3 Accident Disclaimer 

By participating in Betreat's classes, workshops, training, retreats, and other physical activities, you acknowledge and agree that such participation is at your own risk. Betreat GmbH shall not be held responsible or liable for any personal injury or harm that may arise as a result of your participation in these activities. You hereby release and discharge Betreat GmbH from any and all claims, demands, causes of action, or liabilities for injury or death arising from or in connection with your participation in Betreat activities or the use of Betreat products or services sold through the website

16 Image Rights


Betreat reserves the right to take photographs and record videos during events for the purpose of promoting its services through various communication channels, including but not limited to the website, LinkedIn page, Instagram and Facebook Page, brochures, and communications from Betreat partners. The client and the participants acknowledge that by participating in the event, they grant Betreat the right to use their image for promotional purposes.

17 Copyright

The entire content available on the website and its related social media pages (LinkedIn, Facebook, and Instagram) is protected under Swiss and international copyright laws, with all rights reserved by Betreat. This content includes, but is not limited to, text, photographs, videos, logos, and audio content.

Any unauthorized reproduction, distribution, publication, storage in a database, display, performance, modification, creation of derivative works, transmission, or exploitation of the website's content, services, and products is strictly prohibited. Any form of imitation is a violation of copyright law and will be subject to legal action and the requirement for payment of damages.

18 Intellectual Property

Betreat holds exclusive rights, including but not limited to copyrights and trademarks, to all intellectual property generated by Betreat in relation to the event. The client is granted limited usage of such materials solely for the purpose of the event and must obtain written consent from Betreat prior to utilizing them for any other purpose.

19 Entire Agreement

These terms and conditions constitute the entire agreement between Betreat and the client and supersedes all prior understandings and agreements, whether written or oral. These terms and conditions may only be modified by written agreement signed by both Betreat and the client.

Terms & Conditions updated on 25.04.2023

Terms & Conditions: Accessibility Policy
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