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Best Places for an Extraordinary Company Retreat in Europe

Picking the right location for your company retreat, company offsite or in-person meetup can be a challenge. On top of yours and your colleague’s preferences, you’d have to consider flights or domestic transportation, dates and other things.

Are you looking to get your employees together for a well overdue company retreat! If you dream of a European getaway for your next corporate event, look no further!

1. Gran Canaria

Whether your team is always seeking a new adventure or prefers something a little more sedate, this volcanic island has you covered. From riding ATVs across the wilderness of Fataga national park to relaxing on the sand in idyllic coves, it's perfect for those looking to immerse their teams in nature without going too off-grid. As well as a wide range of landscapes, the island also boasts the longest sunshine hours in Spain.

Hotel pick: Parador de Cruz de Tejeda

If you are looking for a secluded retreat venue where you can focus on business, this sprawling hacienda is the place for you. Situated above the clouds, your team is bound to be inspired by the breathtaking views at every turn. After team-building exercises in the fresh mountain air, guests can enjoy some pampering with lavish spa treatments or take a short trip to Pico de la Gorra, where they can sit and gaze over the entire island.

2. Madeira

The Portuguese island of Madeira has it all! Impressive panoramas, unforgettable cultural experiences, delicious food, and an enviable climate! After catching up on essential company updates, teams can make memories spotting whales and dolphins from a luxury catamaran or swim in volcanic lava pools along the rugged shore. For a thrilling team bonding exercise, pair your employees up for a ride on a traditional Monte toboggan. A once in a lifetime experience, there is no snow here! Instead, you'll sail through the twisting streets with your local guide!

Hotel pick: Reid's Palace, A Belmond Hotel

Poised on a clifftop overlooking the crashing waves of the Atlantic, a stay in these palatial grounds is sure to make your team feel part of an incredible organization! Located in the island's capital Funchal you are just 20 minutes from the airport, so you will waste no time getting the party started. With 3800 square feet of event space, there is plenty of room for large groups to gather before indulging in a decadent champagne afternoon tea.

3. Ibiza

While Ibiza might be best known for its nightlife, this Mediterranean isle has far more to offer its visitors. From sun-drenched beaches, yoga retreats, and delicious local fare, there's plenty for teams who are looking for a more laid-back corporate getaway. If your group loves a workout, get in touch with a local personal trainer to arrange some inspiring sunrise sessions. Whether they would enjoy a high-intensity fitness class or something more relaxing like pilates, yin yoga, or tai chi, your local guide will be able to organize an incredible setting that's sure to impress!

Our top hotel pick: Simbad

Ideally situated just a few steps from the popular Talamanca beach, the Simbad hotel is a fantastic base for your team to soak up the Ibicenco sun. With plenty of facilities to enjoy in their free time, your employees can get to know their new faces around the generous pool or unwind with hydrotherapy jets in the wellness center. At night, everyone can retire to spacious suites which wait to delight guests in the morning with stunning views over Ibiza castle and the crystal clear Mediterranean sea.

What are the best activities for team-building during your retreat?

Regardless of your destination, there are tried and tested team-building activities that always go down a storm at a corporate retreat. Here are our top 5 recommendations:

Break the ice

It's worth keeping in mind that not everyone will know each other at your company retreat. Different departments might not have much cause to interact in the office, and it can be tricky to get into friendly relationships straight off the bat. That's why at any offsite a few casual icebreaker games like two truths and a lie can get people talking informally and spark some unexpected friendships!

Motivational meetings

Getting your team ready to tackle the challenges ahead is a crucial component of any good corporate retreat. Including a session where different departments can present their successes from the previous year and plans for the months ahead can reconnect everyone to your shared goals. Make this as inclusive as possible with an open Q&A so that everyone has a chance to share ideas or concerns they might have. But to get the best results, make it fun! Share jokes and stories, and be sure that everyone leaves on high. You want your teams to walk away feeling part of something really special!

Treasure hunt

Whether you choose to go analog and leave clues dotted around or go digital and use an app, a scavenger hunt is a light-hearted way to get your team problem-solving together! But be sure to have an envy-inducing prize to stoke the competitive fires! For the best results, group people up with new faces to tackle the challenge and make new acquaintances at the same time.

Get creative in the kitchen

Cooking classes are a fantastic way to immerse in local culture and make memories with your team. With lots of natural opportunities for teamwork, it's the perfect setting to break people out of their usual departments. To get the most out of the experience, gather participants in groups outside their regular silos and establish a team of judges to select the winners with the most delicious dish!

Hit the dancefloor

While any off-site needs to cover a quota of work-related content, it's also crucial to let your teams have some downtime to let loose. As we have already seen, an essential part of any corporate retreat is a special event celebrating your successes, so it's vital to leave space in any itinerary to display your gratitude. Gather some delicious food and drinks, some great tunes, and let your employees have fun on the dancefloor.

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