Best Places for an Extraordinary Company Retreat in Europe

Picking the right location for your company retreat, company offsite or in-person meetup can be a challenge. On top of yours and your colleague’s preferences, you’d have to consider flights or domestic transportation, dates and other things.

Are you looking to get your employees together for a well overdue company retreat! If you dream of a European getaway for your next corporate event, look no further!

1. Gran Canaria

Whether your team is always seeking a new adventure or prefers something a little more sedate, this volcanic island has you covered. From riding ATVs across the wilderness of Fataga national park to relaxing on the sand in idyllic coves, it's perfect for those looking to immerse their teams in nature without going too off-grid. As well as a wide range of landscapes, the island also boasts the longest sunshine hours in Spain.

Hotel pick: Parador de Cruz de Tejeda

If you are looking for a secluded retreat venue where you can focus on business, this sprawling hacienda is the place for you. Situated above the clouds, your team is bound to be inspired by the breathtaking views at every turn. After team-building exercises in the fresh mountain air, guests can enjoy some pampering with lavish spa treatments or take a short trip to Pico de la Gorra, where they can sit and gaze over the entire island.

2. Madeira