Founded in 2019, Betreat is a Conscious Company based in Switzerland that promotes retreats, through yoga classes, nutritional plans, and educational workshops for individuals and corporate clients. Betreat finds its core in the pursuit of wellbeing based on self-transformation from our individual perception and environmental awareness to a collective consciousness. A group of social entrepreneurs conceived the idea around a common inspiration: "Transform our World", inspired by the 17 Sustainable Development Goals of the United Nations".



Since we work alongside with experts from different fields, Betreat offers solutions for emotional balance, stress and burnout, combining a variety of physical, mindful, artistic, nature-based activities and workshops to regain balance and provide the tools for re-learning, self-care, and inner connection, while supporting a sustainable change over time.
With a profound commitment towards our natural environment and its communities, Betreat actively supports educational programs to reduce inequality and gathers financial resources for our “Betree Planting Initiative”.


Transform yourself to transform our world