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Construction of a
"TOWER OF LIFE", a mission for nature.




6 - 7 hours

About the Course

  • Preservation of diversity, as well as maintenance and enhancement of valuable habitats, such as hedges, forest edges, ponds or dry stone walls.

  • Further education and sensibilisation of the participants with regard to nature, the environment, regionality, sustainability and society.

  • Imparting new skills and knowledge about habitats, animals and plants.

  • Supporting rural park regions by strengthening regional added value.

  • Optimal duration including explanation, break & lunch : 6 hours (from 9am to 3pm).

How does it work?

  • Welcoming and explanation about the activity.

  • Teams creation.

  • Repartition of the tasks.

  • Hands on!

  • Coffee break in the morning.

  • Aperitif & lunch.

Services Offered

  • Location : Bözen, the activity will take place in a farm of the village.

  • Activity : will be mainly outside. Off course, in case of terrible weather, we will be able to take shelter in one of the farm buildings.

  • Coffee break : the participants will get some drinks (tea, appel juice & water) as well as some snacks from the farm and the Jura Park for the coffee break.

  • Lunch : cooked at the farm, composed from local and seasonal vegetables (from the farm itself or another one in Jura Park) and high quality meat. More details to be defined about the lunch.

About the location

The Jurapark Aargau is a regional nature park of national importance. The park area lies between the towns of Rheinfelden, Laufenburg, Brugg and Aarau and includes 31 municipalities full of small wonders of nature, culture, cuisine and economy.

The park's residents are involved in various projects to preserve and enhance these natural and cultural treasures in the region and to ensure sustainable regional development.

  • Regional nature park of national importance since 2012

  • 299 km2 park area

  • 31 park municipalities (AG/SO)

  • 55,000 inhabitants

  • 425 plant and animal species Species of national importance.

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