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For each experience delivered by Betreat KIG, apply the following Terms & Conditions. 

By buying a service from Betreat KIG,

the customer declares agreement with our Terms & Conditions below:





Betreat KIG
Riedgrabenweg, 2

8051 Zürich
+41 76 213 41 61 /
Registered company number: CH-229.457.930


Services & Products

2.1 Services

Betreat offer a range of services to contribute to company's team bonding and development.

It includes classes, consultations, retreats, workshops with sports and wellbeing activities as meditation, yoga, reiki, deep breathing techniques, nutrition, hiking, biking and more... 

The services can also be delivered by partners -individuals and companies- (e.g: coaches & trainers, consultants, animators, caterers, hotels...).



Pricing & Payment

3.1 Pricing 

We express the prices in our offers, including taxes, in Swiss Francs (CHF).

The prices apply at the time of order and we allow ourselves to update prices for each new offer. 

Betreat accept payments in others currencies as well as crypto-currencies. Conversions fees may apply.

3.2 Payment

Betreat offers the following payment methods: 

  • Cash payment


  • Online payment -WIX acquiring system- with Credit Card (VISA, Mastercard, American Express, Diners).

   For each payment with credit-card, the client agrees to pay 5 % financial fees.

  • Bank transfer to the following bank account:


IBAN: CH 390900 0000 1545 7340 6



 We require our clients to make the full payment to confirm the order of our services.


Registration to our services

The registration is confirmed when your contract of services is signed and payment proceeded.


Refunds, Cancellation & Validity

SERVICE: Company events

Each workshop and retreats are scheduled by a binding contract between the client and Betreat.

The modification and cancellation policies of each events are communicated in the offer applying specifically to each event.

In order to modify or cancel an event, the request must be addressed to

Betreat allow itself to charge an administrative fee of CHF 150,00 in case of cancellation of event.



SERVICE: Private Retreats



Participants to retreats agree to be present at the communicated date on our website.

Their participation is guaranteed when Betreat KIG has received the full amount of the total price of the retreat, to be paid in one time. 

The modification and cancellation policies of each events are communicated in the offer applying specifically to each event.

Health Disclaimer 

10.1 Nutrition Disclaimer 

Betreat events are designed according to the information the clients provide us by completing and submitting our questionnaire. 

Betreat is not responsible for any undesired effects resulting from wrong or incomplete information you provided us.

You understand that Betreat is in a collaboration with third-party restaurants and caterers.

10.2 Medical Disclaimer

You understand that no service or program provided by Betreat is intended to cure, prevent, diagnose, alleviate, or treat any medical conditions, disease, physical or mental. 

10.2 Accident Disclaimer 

Your participation in Betreat classes, ateliers, workshops, training, retreats, and other physical activities is at your own risk.

Betreat is not liable for any personal injury that results from participation to Betreat activities. You release Betreat KIG from all liability for injury or death resulting from your presence at one of Betreat activities or use of Betreat products or services sold on the website

Image Rights


Betreat allows itself the right to take photos and videos during the events for communication purposes on its networks. It includes the website, LinkedIn page, Instagram & Facebook Page, Betreat brochures, as well as communications channels from Betreat Partners.


® Betreat. All pages are protected by copyright.

The entire content you find on our website as well as on ourLinkedIn, Facebook and Instagram pages are protected by copyright laws of Switzerland and other countries, and we have all the rights therein. It includes text, photographs, videos, logos, and audio contents. 

Copy, reproduction, distribution, publication, entry into a database, display, performance, modification, creation of derivative works from it, transmission, or exploitation in any way of our website content, services, and products contained therein, are not allowed. 

Imitations of any kind are a violation of copyright and will be prosecuted and require payment of damages.

Terms & Conditions updated on 14.07.2022