We aim to tread lightly and indeed make a positive contribution to the many destinations that we have connections with. We are also strongly aware of our responsibility towards natural resources and the Environment.
By making positive changes to our lifestyle through the way that we eat, think, move, contribute and interact, we can have the most profound impact on our wellbeing base on education, to restore balance, and to take preventive measures.

Corporate Celebration


At Betreat, it is important for us to act for natural preservation and to helping our Environment.

Our first action started with our commitment for Tree Planting.

Corporate Celebration


We are very happy to announce that we have completed our tree plating of 2021!! It was the "coldest"🥶 weekend in France but it did not stop us to continue with our initiative!


🌳Our objective was to plant two indigenous species (Pedunculate oak & Sorbus aria) on this field where dead ash trees have been cut because of the "Chalara fraxinea".
🌳With our actions we want to strengthen the environmental awareness and the connection with nature in our community.

Corporate Celebration