There is more to experiencing a healthy, fulfilling life than just being physically ​

The purpose at Betreat is to provide a meaningful and Swiss conscious luxury experience for our guests, based on wellness and education. 

We provide an innovative wellness retreat approach, where guests can “retreat from their life” and learn how to improve their daily life. 

Our retreat wellness programs offer solutions for stress and burnout, emotional balance, integrating yoga, fitness, nutrition, detox and, educational ateliers. Supporting a sustainable change over time with a high quality of health, vitality, emotional and mental wellbeing.

Our aim is to Educate to Transform because we believe that this is the way to achieve long term wellbeing.

Transform yourself to transform your world.

Betreat _ Existence (Be) and Care (Treat). 
Our mission _ Take care of your existence.

our approach

Every Betreat program begins with a wellness consultation to discuss your desires and goals, to create your exceptional experience that will last.

We will use this consultation to design the most appropriate combination of treatments, ateliers, and activities, considering your medical history, lifestyle, and expectations. 

Each retreat had been developed with wellness experts who deeply share Betreat’s philosophy of holistic wellness, combining educational ateliers and carefully selected wellness treatments. All our retreats are results-oriented and approach the integral wellness concept – from mind to body to the soul – to inspire you to create together your unique experience.

“We don’t know what we’ve been missing until it arrives.” _ Paulo Coelho


Experience a mythical tailored service, in a secret space. With Betreat, we tailor every detail to your individual needs, to guarantee a retreat that is distinctly unique for you, from arrival to departure. Stay in the world’s finest hotels, private villas and yachts and retreat yourself to a different level. You can combine yoga, fitness, nutrition and alternative therapies all together or selection just one, It is your choice!

the possibilities are endless

Both in the water and on the ground, our team and partners provide a fully tailored BeTreat journey where you’ll explore new emotions, sensations and perspectives. Experience unique moments like never before in the world’s most captivating locations.

our groups retreats

Betreat offers the opportunity to explore the power of a small group, benefit from the collective consciousness energy and support of a community of like-minded people. 

Our Betreat signature all-inclusive packages are programs of 3 and 7 nights, to help you cultivate the ancient disciplines of yoga and meditation combining with fitness and educational ateliers to recharge yourself by enhancing clarity and practical knowledge.

awaken your senses

Immerse yourself in every indulgent detail, experience our unique collection of hotels.
Surrender to the experience and restore your balance with the power of your thoughts.
Betreat offers special atelier sessions with teachers, therapists, energy healers, and guides, in different areas of wellbeing.
Taste your way through a colourful and healthy meals with exquisite favours.