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Betreat is deeply respectful of its communities

and their 

We aim to tread lightly and indeed make a positive contribution to the many destinations that we have connections.

We are also strongly aware of our responsibility towards natural resources and the environment, especially in the locations that urgently need it.

By making positive changes to our lifestyle through the way that we eat, think, move, contribute and interact, we can have the most profound impact on our wellbeing base on education, to restore balance and taking preventive measures.

our blissful yoga initiative

What we need to live in today’s world is the right action made possible by the right thoughts. Right thinking comes to us through right love. It is love that attracts us, that gives us the strength and also the determination to free ourselves from our selfishness, from the bonds that bind us, and to establish ourselves in wisdom and peace.


Immerse yourself in a collective consciousness, meet like-minded people and simply retreat from the stress of everyday life and experience our unique yoga class with a social cause.


Yoga and Mental Health

Yoga’s positive benefits on mental health have made it an important practice tool of psychotherapy. It has been shown to enhance social well being through a sense of belonging to others, and improve the symptoms of depression, attention deficit and hyperactivity, and sleep disorders.