who we are

Our mission is to educate our guest’s hearts and minds to shape their own


We are a group of entrepreneurial people who came together around a common purpose: “wellbeing”. Inspired by United Nations “17 sustainable development goals (SDGs) to transform our world”, we create a platform to share and build better and unique worlds. 

With the principle of “leaving no one behind”, we believe in promoting wellness in a multifaceted approach that encourages being well in all areas of life: environmental, social, spiritual, financial, intellectual, occupational, emotional and physical.
When you open multiple doors to wellness, you can create personal and organizational momentum that translates into sustained health behaviour change.

It is not enough to know, it is important to know how to apply what was learned in order to “thrive yourself to transform the world”. That’s why our mission is to Educate to Transform your world.

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Maximiliano Espejo

Head of Sales & Marketing

carla pieretti

Head of Wellness Operations

Theo Roblot

Head of Administration